The Reformers

Friday, June 20, 2014

Meet the Faces that Sell-Out the LGBT Community.

The Reformers is a group of activists bringing justice to the LGBT community.
The Founding members are : Louis Flores, Kevin Omni Burrus and Wolfgang Busch.

Until all of these "Crooks" are FIRED, our job is not done. 
For more eye opening information about these "Crooks", please go to

One third of these "Crooks" on our poster were fired, one is in jail.
Until all are FIRED, our job is not done. 

"The Reformers" is a group of activist friends from New York and New Jersey, some of whom have been socially and politically active for over two decades. Our mission is to reform and bring long over due changes to the LGBT community.

In 2013, we collectively achieved great success in making sure Christine Quinn was not elected as mayor of New York City ; CEO Marjorie Hill was fired by GMHC, and communications director Dirk McCall separated from GMHC after activists charged that he sold out the Harlem Ballroom community. Unfortunately, the buck at GMHC doesn’t stop there, because the GMHC board chair Mickey Rolfe and COO Janet Weinberg and CAB chair Manuel Rivera have all been part of the cover up and only acted after the pressure from activists, GMHC clients, and the media, led by DNAinfo New York, turned on the heat at GMHC.

GMHC is the LGBT “Corrupted Culture” poster child in the United States. It is deeply rooted, because of no government oversight and no transparency by agencies. Because of the environment and infrastructure that our LGBT leadership has created, reform is very difficult. The so-called respected and highly educated members/leadership from our community have corrupted the most vulnerable members from our community, and nonprofit groups hire those from our community who are willing to sell us out and are willing to turn their own members from the community against each other for a pay check. They have no interest in reform, because of power struggles and personal financial gains.
By replacing the Hill’s and the McCalls in our community groups, this is only a change of name and face. The underlying problems, issues, and conflicts remain the same. Those agencies have been doing this for decades, and the lack of transparency, full participation, responsibility, and accountability is a long, sordid saga. For years, the leaders of our nonprofit groups give each other awards and rewards, tell each other what a great job they do, and lie to the community, government, public, and the media about the lack of social, economic, and legal progress for the communities that they serve. The Hill’s make a quarter of a million dollars a year, while the HIV infection rate amongst the people of color remains the same over the years.

We have so much evidence, and we now have the tools to effectively expose those in our community who feel they can continue to exploit, corrupt, and take advantage of us for personal gain.
Our goal is to change public opinion by continuously exposing and reporting on those who continue to sell-out our community for personal gain.

We are calling upon the public to educate themselves on these issues, to become involved, and to become more critical of our leaders's actions.

The class and social status of our "leaders" is no longer an excuse to discredit those who are speaking up on corruption, and our "leaders" can no longer use their social status as a get out of jail card. Organizations like Human Rights Campaign, Legal AID, GLAAD and all the LGBT media who are also benefiting financially, professionally, personally, and socially, can also no longer turn a blind eye, because we will expose them, as well, moving forward. They take advertisement money, donations and in-kind benefits, and, in return, these sell-out groups feel they can turn a blind eye to the corruption. These failed groups and their respective leaders would rather side with those with the money and power rather than siding with the disenfranchised community, activists, historians, and true leadership, who work for free and are dedicated to the best interests of the community by donating their talents, time, money, blood, sweat, and tears.

By releasing “The Faces That Sell Out The LGBT Community” poster, we have already received amazing responses online and at Brooklyn Pride, where crowds assembled around the poster, inspiring positive discussions. People have showed and are continuing to show much appreciation that somebody was finally exposing our failed "leaders."